Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Wild Remedy: Grassroots Herbalism from our Backyards & Beyond

As many of you know I am going to school as a student of herbal medicine. I read several blogs written by some great herbalist. One that I read religiously is Kiva Rose's Blog

She will be doing a Teleseminar on the 9th. Info can be found at the link Wild Remedy.

If you been interested in herbalism but been turned off by the new agey stuff you find in your urban community, then Kiva's blog is what you are looking for. She is old school and one of the people in the fore front of the rewilder movement that I see finally starting to catch on. (a few of my ADF friends seem to have come down with a touch of the rewilder bug. lol). Kiva shares her wisdom of the earth without all the flowery new age speech. Yet she writes with a wisdom that belies her years. Young ladies looking for a good role model could not do better.

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